The monthly event will be at:

and upcoming events are at:

The week leading up to the monthly dinner will have the list of WINOs signed up, to the day of the event at:

You should check this link up to a day before the dinner to make sure that you're signed up.

If you’re not on this list and would like to be, let Bruce know immediately with your entree choice?

Previously, I’ve sent the emails via the monthly email address which is at the bottom of the web-page. I look

forward to deleting them after 2 months because the web-crawlers harvest them to sell the list to companies so

that they can send spam.

I’m going to use now until I get clobbered with over 50 junk emails a day then I’ll change it.

So, if you need to approve of an email address for WINO, please approve this one.

I hope this Helps, and looking forward to many more educational dinners on tasty wines.


Bruce Camenzind