Writer Jerry Mead dies at 61 - Obituary
Wines & Vines, May, 2000 by Philip E. Hiaring
Jerry D. Mead, whose first wine column appeared in the Anaheim, Calif. Bulletin in 1970 and who was the 1985 recipient of the Wines & Vines Perpetual Trophy for Excellence in Wine Writing, died April 12 in Nevada from complications from cancer.

Jerry was the founder of W.I.N.O. (Wine Investigation for Novices and Oenophiles) and was publisher of The Wine Trader in Carson City, Nev. He also was a syndicated wine columnists whose work appeared, for example, in the local Mann Independent-Journal. He also founded the Orange County Fair Commercial Wine Competition, in 1977.

Oddly enough, Mead began his writing career while a member of the Orange County Communication Department. His nature caused him to resign in 1976 because the county wouldn't grant him time to attend the "Vendemia," or vintage, in Jerez, Spain.

Jerry Mead was a curmudgeon, known as "Curmy" on the e-mail circuit. Lord knows he had his opinions, on stupid laws regarding wine, neo-prohibitionists and anyone else who favored restricting consumption of old grape juice (which is how the late Leon Adams described wine).


In an interview in Wines & Vines in September, 1985, Mead showed his prophetic inclination when he said "I would like to see California pass a law saying 'California citizens can receive wine from any state that will allow their citizens to receive wine from California'."

Jerry was known for a lot of things, one of which was celebrating the anniversary of the late singer Bobby Darin's birthday. Another was what some might term "tilting at windmills", as when he took on the Wine Institute advertising code.

Controversial? Yes, at times.

A good guy, and a good writer? Yes. All the time.

A memorial service is planned for a future date.

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