This link will have the current list of attendees as displayed below:

If your name isn't here, and you would like it to be, let Bruce know ASAP!

The room is limited to 60.

WINOs signed up for the Italian wine educational Dinner at Mama Mia's Campbell:

Aine, Ann

Avellar, Jerry

Avellar, Linda

Benoit, Bob

Benoit, Elaine

Bettencourt, Barbara

Bowencamp, Connie

Brabb, Robin

Camenzind, Bruce

Camenzind, Lisa

Chesser, Cindy

Clish, Sarah

Collins, Lisa

DiTano, Marco

Ducato, Elaine


Evanghelo, Gary

Gooding, Amy

Gooding, Owen

Gower, Mike

Hewitt, Jef

Laskowski, Jan

Laskowski, Sofia

LePage, Mary Ellen

Lucas, Doris

Maggerise, Judy

Malia, Joyce

Markman, Cheryl

Markman, Russell

Matusewicz, Sergei

Muller, Kerstin

Neathery, Rod

Notaras, Carol

Osburn, Gwen

Osburn, Richard

Parks, Jim

Parmley, Kelli

Peshel, Lois

Sitter, Duane

Skov, Betty

Skov, Paul

Spencer, Priscilla

Thuener, Chuck

Turner, Beverly

Turner, Mike

Waggoner, Bill

Ward, Kim

53 Signed Up as of 1/11/18