Wine Investigation for Novices
and Oenophiles - WINO
Wine Club, WINO is a National organization, founded by the late, famous wine writer Jerry Mead. WINO first started in Ventura, California, in 1975. Each Chapter below has monthly or bi-monthly meetings, promoting Wine with Food, and the Good Times.
 Santa Clara Valley, since 1976 
 Santa Clara Valley, August Bus Trip 27 seats remaining 
 Napa / Sonoma, circa 1986 
 Ventura, started July 1975 
 Mother Load, since 1984 
 Carson Valley / Tahoe Meadows, Nevada, circa 1995 
 Upcoming Events 
 Links to other Wine Associations 
 Wine - Health & Trivia 
 Remembering Jerry D. Mead, founder of WINO 
  Alcohol and You, including Breathalyzers 
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